Saturday, February 23, 2013

The hijacking of my To-Do List

Do you hate it when people hijack your project list??

I love my dear husband but he has inserted himself into my to do list.  Has that ever happened to you?

This year I had determined to finish a medallion for our trailers spare tire.   I know, but really this is the project that I said I wanted to do while learning how to do Overlay Crochet.  I was quite excited about having a beautiful piece of art on the back of our trailer.  I ran out of supplies in mid-January because I only purchased enough to do the original pillow pattern and my medallion is much bigger.  They came weeks ago and still I have not gone back to the cover.  The reason?  I just have to have something to do with my hands in the evening so while I was waiting I pulled out a baby blanket I had started years ago to pass the time.  I was showing my hubby how it was going to look when it was all put together and then I heard it.  That low whine, "when are you going to make me something?" I've heard this before but for some reason this time he hooked me.   I can't believe I caved, after all, I knew I had a to do list for my crocheting - adding something at the beginning of the list was not in the plan.  I will really need to work on saying no - kindly and politely - "I'm sorry, but I have a ton of things I want to do.  If I run out I will add you in" should have sufficed but thats not what I said.

Instead by the end of the conversation he has me making him a queen sized blanket with squares made up of local baseball, basketball, and football teams.  Each pattern is quite time consuming and has several different colors going on in any given row.  Did I say it was time consuming???  I'm almost done with the first square and I'm already tired of it - cause I didn't want to do it in the first place.  Every time I pick up something else instead of his blanket he says something.  Nothing bad, just a reminder that he is still wanting it done.

I really, really, wanted to start learning how to do Irish Crochet.  My kids got me several books for Christmas that I have only looked through.  Tatting and stitching on my blackwork project has gone to the wayside too.  I need to have my to-do list of projects full of what I want to do.  I do things for other people every waking moment of everyday but when I sit down with my needle and yarn - its just for me (even when I'm making something for someone else).  So whats different here?  I'm making something for someone else.  He really wants it, unlike some of the others that I have made things for.  So why do I feel this way?

This is all a great mystery to me - perhaps I'll figure it out - perhaps I'll just finish the blanket and be happy that he really loves it and me.  Perhaps.