Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes it just works out that way....

We are home - again! Our trip to see the space shuttle Discovery off on her last mission did not turn out the way we envisioned. We actually thought we would get to see her lift off but it was not to be. We tried several times - once in the pouring rain - to make our way to the pick up spot but once there the launch was cancelled. Florida Dolphin Tours was great in keeping it all organized and I hope we can reschedule for the next launch. We did have a fun trip though so I won't complain about that. DisneyWorld has nothing on Disneyland and I will never again feel like I'm missing something when I go there. The Harry Potter world at Universal Florida was awesome. And Kennedy Space Center is not to be missed even if there isn't a shuttle launch planned. I appreciate all the prayers out there for the weather and such but there must have been something in the big picture that we did not see because our prayers were not answered. While it was very disappointing, especially for my daughter, Kelie, its all good - God knows what's best for us and the astronauts too.

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  1. We don't always understand but there is always a reason. Glad you had a good despite the launch being scrubbed.

    If I didn't know who went, I don't know that I would have recoginzed him! It's been awhile since I've seen him! lol