Sunday, July 11, 2010

ACCC #4 - Practice makes...Art!!

Whew!! Its all in the stamp isn't it? Well, and the right colors of paint? And the supplies that you have?

I found a card this week that my best friend Linda made for me years ago. She's not going to appreciate me very much but I'm including the picture for you to see. Its nothing like her art today - which is amazing. It got me to thinking though about these challenges & how part of our creative process is defined as we practice our art.

I tried this one twice, well two that I kept anyway... I ended up with Capture Hugs & Kisses and Dance (thanks Linda for the great stamp) The great thing is I get to keep doing it! Keep matching things up, trying different colors, phrases, & arrangements. I love paper arts!!


  1. Charlene, they're gorgeous! Your color choices are just scrumptious, and your shabby chic backgrounds look great.

    I love your spirit and attitude-- it really is all about trying new things and enjoying the process, isn't it? I'm so happy you're playing along, and can't wait to see what you do next!


  2. Really? I made that? When? Why? I obviously don't remember, can I claim old age? WAIT! I am NOT old! lol . . . I really don't remember making the card, but I do remember that paper (think there might be some floating around the studio still) and the flower looks vaguely familar. lol And the sentiment is right - "Thank you so very much" for being a fabulous friend who is ALWAYS there for me! I love you!

    Talk about amazing art! Both cards are fabulous! Did you distress the "Capture" netting or did I miss it in the pic on Saturday? Love the orange & pink together in the dance card! Great combo!

    Your digi stuff is fab too, but I am glad you are playing with the "real" stuff again!!!

  3. It was for the fuzzy logic book I got you - you signed it so I know it was you! You must have missed the distressing on the netting I think it was hard to see in the pix.